Fire Chief Part Time Position


The City of Tallassee is accepting applications for Fire Chief.  This is a part time position that reports to the Mayor of Tallassee.  Subordinate staff includes Fire Department personnel.  This position will have contact with other city departments as well as members of other EMS agencies and Fire departments, emergency management agencies, other state and federal agencies, news media, businesses, and the general public.

See Wendy Clayton at City Hall to pick up an Application of Employment. Upon completion of application, please return to Wendy Clayton at City Hall.

Job Summary


The Fire Chief is responsible for the management and operation of the Tallassee Fire Department and its services and activities.  These services include but are not limited to fire suppression and prevention, vehicle extrication, hazardous material response, subdivision and building plans review, and community education.  Activities include but are not limited to human resource management and administration, budget and capital management, and vehicle and facility operation and maintenance.  This work is performed under the limited administrative direction of the Mayor of the city of Tallassee and requires significant independent judgment and initiative.  The nature of the Department requires the Chief to be flexible in hours worked and have the ability to respond to calls after hours.  This position is exempt from overtime and requires residency within the fire district served by the Tallassee Fire Department unless an exemption is granted by the Mayor.


Essential Job Functions

  1. Responsible for the safe and effective provision of fire suppression and prevention, and related services necessary to protect lives and property of residents and visitors to the City of Tallassee and the fire district protected by the Tallassee Fire Department.
  2. Maintains positive relationships with Department constituents including residents, the business community, local jurisdictions, and fire service agencies. Conducts Department business ethically and with integrity.  Communicates with openness and honesty.
  3. Works cooperatively with the City Council, Public Safety Committee, and Office of the Mayor to establish annual goals and objectives for Department and communicates progress widely. Consults with the above mentioned entities on policy matters, and keeps them informed regarding key issues.
  4. Fosters the development of staff to provide for the future of the department, ensure a respectful and cooperative work environment, and maintain good order and discipline.
  5. Works under the supervision of the elected Mayor and independently on day to day operations and activities. Attends scheduled meetings with the Mayor and Public Safety Committee.
  6. Manages Department operations within established policies, applicable laws, regulations, and standards adopted by the City and the Department.
  7. Directs the work of Department staff, selects volunteers, hires employees, and provides training and development of career and volunteer staff.
  8. Works with career and volunteer staff to resolve issues, enforces policies consistently, and fosters positive morale, discipline, and productivity.
  9. Manages mutual and automatic aid agreements and maintains effective and efficient working relationships with local jurisdictions. Represents the Department as necessary in any association or group associated with the Department.
  10. Prepares the annual budget for approval by the City Council and administers accordingly. Develops capital replacement plans as required.  Enters into, administers, and terminates contracts as approved by the City Council.
  11. Supervises grant applications and serves as grant administrator for federal, state, and local grants. All grants need to be approved by City Council before they are submitted.
  12. Ensures Department compliance with local, state, and federal requirements. Manages legal risk to the Department.
  13. Reviews residential and commercial development and building plans in accordance with fire codes adopted by the City of Tallassee.
  14. Prepares, maintains, and administers current and necessary Standard Operating Procedures for the Department.
  15. Responds to major fire alarms and emergencies and participates in the incident command structure as needed. Delegated command staff as necessary.  Serves as first responder as necessary.
  16. Develops appropriate specifications for purchase of Department apparatus, equipment, and outside services, and makes major purchase recommendations to the City Council. Assures the maintenance of all Department apparatus, equipment, and facilities.
  17. Responds to community questions, comments, and concerns in a courteous and timely manner exercising discretion and sound judgment.


Minimum Required Qualifications


  1. Ten years of experience in the fire service, including five years in a supervisory role.
  2. Excellent written and verbal communication skills, temperament, motivation, and other characteristics necessary to accomplish the duties and functions of the position.
  3. Exceptional organizational and time management skills and ability to prepare clear and concise statements and reports using a computer.
  4. Ability to maintain an Alabama driver license.
  5. Ability to pass a background check.

Desired Qualifications


  1. Firefighter I and II
  2. Fire Officer I and II
  3. Fire Investigator
  4. Hazardous Materials Technician
  5. Hazardous Materials Incident Commander
  6. Fire Instructor I and II
  7. Fire Inspector I and II
  8. Passed the CPAT physical fitness test
  9. Experience in budgeting, payroll, and human resources.
  10. Willing to locate residence into the Tallassee fire district within 90 days of hire date.