APRIL 28, 2020





The Mayor and the City Council of the City of Tallassee, Alabama convened in regular session on Tuesday, April 28, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. over a conference call due to the stay-at-home order by Governor Kay Ivey because of COVID-19. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Hammock and the following were recorded as present:


Mayor                          John Hammock

Council Members         Jeremy Taunton

Sarah Hill

Damian Carr

Darrell Wilson-absent

Terrel Brown

Bill Godwin

David Stough


John Smith was present for the conference call as city attorney and City Clerk Whitney Moon acted as clerk for the meeting.


Mayor Hammock presented the minutes of the regular council meeting held on Tuesday, April 14, 2020. There were no additions or changes. Upon motion of Council Member Brown and second by Council Member Stough, the minutes were approved by a unanimous vote.


Item 1: The survey and appraisal for Paul Pemberton was reviewed. Council Member Stough made a motion to declare the property as surplus, seconded by Council Member Taunton. The motion was approved unanimously. Council Member Hill made a motion to sell parcel 2 of the property for $5000 to Paul Pemberton, seconded by Council Member Godwin. Upon a vote, the motion passed unanimously.


Item 2: Mayor’s Reports: ALM conference canceled and rescheduled. July 23rd and 24th in Montgomery. Free of charge. Registration is May 1st. Let us know who wants to go.


Safer at Home order by the governor. All workers back to normal schedule on Friday. Recreation center closed, Senior Center closed, Library open with no more than 8 people in the building, City Hall still closed to the public through May 15th.


Limb truck backed up due to skeleton crew. Starting Friday, we will be running 3 trucks and continue that until we catch up.


Demolition grant cleared Alabama Historical commission and we are about to begin title work.


Land Water Conservation Fund grant application for soccer complex is recommended to the National Park service for approval. We should know something July-August of this year.


Tallaweka Tank project is out for bid.


Whatley Drive project has finished design and we are gearing up to bid it out.


Design of 2nd gas line project in East Tallassee and Carrville area finishing design and gearing up for bid.


Laney Lift station project is finishing up design and gearing up for bid.


Still waiting on downtown project. Easement recordings have been delayed because of Covid-19.


Took down house in East Tallassee last week across from East Tallassee Baptist Church.


Item 5: Council Reports:

Council Member Taunton said that things at the library are going great. Claude Thrash said the gutters should be going up next week.

Council Member Hill wanted to thank everyone that helped with the sinkhole on Whatley Drive.

Council Member Carr wanted to thank everyone for making good decisions and all of their help.

Council Member Brown wanted to thank everyone for the demolition on Central Blvd. Special thanks to Council Member Taunton because the library looks great.

Council Member Godwin wanted to thank Council Member Taunton for his hard work helping with the library. Mayor Hammock has a list of structures to be torn down, get with him if you would like to see it. Council Member Stough wanted to see if there was anything that we could do to help the small business in the area and wanted everyone to stay safe.


Next council meeting will most likely be on the phone. John Smith will check on things this week and send an email letting everyone know.


Item 6: There being no further business before the Council, upon a motion made by Council Member Hill and a second by Council Member Taunton, all Council Members present voted to adjourn the meeting. The meeting adjourned at 6:32 p.m.