MAY 12, 2020





The Mayor and the City Council of the City of Tallassee, Alabama convened in regular session on Tuesday, May 12, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. over a conference call due to the current order by Governor Kay Ivey because of COVID-19. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Hammock and the following were recorded as present:


Mayor                          John Hammock

Council Members         Jeremy Taunton

Sarah Hill-absent

Damian Carr

Darrell Wilson

Terrel Brown

Bill Godwin

David Stough


John Smith was present for the conference call as city attorney and City Clerk Whitney Moon acted as clerk for the meeting.


Mayor Hammock presented the minutes of the regular council meeting held on Tuesday, April 28, 2020. There were no additions or changes. Upon motion of Council Member Brown and second by Council Member Godwin, the minutes were approved by a unanimous vote.


Mayor Hammock presented the minutes of the special council meeting held on Thursday, May 7, 2020. There were no additions or changes. Upon motion of Council Member Godwin and second by Council Member Brown, the minutes were approved by a unanimous vote.


Item 1: Citizens on John Street are requesting that the ally between John Street and Herd Street be closed permanently. After discussion, Council Member Stough made a motion to leave the road open as it is, seconded by Council Member Brown. The motion was approved unanimously.


Item 2: Mayor’s Reports: Bid opening tomorrow at 2PM on the City Hall steps for the Tallaweka water tank project.


Wooden part of Nature trail will be shut down starting June 1st for pressure washing and coating. Should take about 2 weeks.


City Hall will open to the public on Monday, May 18th.


Senior Center is still closed but delivering meals.


Library is open with restrictions.


Recreation center is open with restrictions.


Memorial Day program. Council Member Wilson will handle this with the VFW. Set for 10AM.


Still designing waste water plant.


Still in gas project design.


About to do some sidewalk replacement on James Street.


Whatley Drive design is wrapping up and we should bid soon.


Waiting on ALDOT for our turn to do Downtown.


Called State Reps and State senators about the pole on the bridge falling.


Limb trucks are starting to catch up.



Item 3: Council Reports:

Council Member Taunton stated that the gutters at the library are being put up today. It’s looking great and Claude Thrash is doing a great job

Council Member Carr wants everyone to stay safe.

Council Member Wilson said the Memorial Day program will be the 25th at 10AM and everyone should bring their own chair, mask, and gloves. Wants to put ad in paper about the program. Mayor Hammock asked Council Member Wilson to design the ad and email it to him. Just to clarify, there is no curfew.

Council Member Brown had no report.

Council Member Godwin had no report.

Council Member Stough wanted to make sure that everyone knew that tires create an environmental issue. Troy had multiple tires picked up this week, we are not allowed to dump these in the land field. Update on the special council meeting from Mayor Hammock: James Garner and Jeff Harrison have been working on this. It goes out about 300-350 feet behind the hospital. The process has been going a lot faster by bypassing the bid law. It’s probably going to be at least $30,000.


John Smith will check on the next council meeting and let everyone know if it will be conference call or a normal meeting.


Item 6: There being no further business before the Council, upon a motion made by Council Member Taunton and a second by Council Member Brown, all Council Members present voted to adjourn the meeting. The meeting adjourned at 6:26 p.m.