TALLASSEE, ALABAMA — The Tallassee City Council – during Tuesday’s regular meeting – voted unanimously to accept Preferred Sandblasting & Painting LLC’s bid to work on the downtown water tank and to demolish the older unused tank near it.

“It’s good to get this project started fairly quickly to avoid temperatures that aren’t quite conducive to painting,” Engineer Jeff Harrison told the Council while speaking on the project during the work session.

Harrison said that several contractors/firms had picked up bid packets.

“We had nine bidders at the bid opening, but we had to disqualify one, so eight bids on this project,” he said.

The project – which will be funded using Covid Relief money mandated toward infrastructure, broadband or water/sewer projects – is to essentially rehab and repaint the tower and then to demolish the unused one. Preferred Sandblasting and Painting’s bid came in at $524,302.97, lower than anticipated. Bids were opened September 22 and the project (Rehabilitation of the Downtown Tank – 750,000 gallons – a multi-leg storage tank and the alternate additive project to remove the old unused tank) budget was set at $750,000. Preferred Sandblasting and Painting’s near $525,000 bid was the lowest of the eight.

Harrison: “We saw a lot of Michigan’s and Minnesota’s and Ohio’s; crews were looking for somewhere to land for the winter.”

Preferred Sandblasting and Painting has recently worked through tank projects in Prattville and Sylacauga and will have 90 days to complete the main project and then 10 more to complete the removal of the unused, smaller tank.

Once completed the downtown water tank will have The City of Tallassee’s official logo visible from both sides of the bridge.





Griffin Pritchard

Public Information | Grants Administrator

City of Tallassee

Tallassee, Alabama