Dear Residents of Tallassee:



Thank you for choosing Tallassee as your home!


Tallassee has had several large infrastructure projects happen in recent years, and we are still addressing additional issues. We are also seeing higher than normal costs for repairs/replacements to our city vehicles.


We need YOUR help to ensure the safety and working order of our new and existing infrastructure and to be able to continue to offer services such as limb removal to citizens.


We would like to ask that you:

  • Place all leaves in bags for pickup.
  • Do not place items for pickup on storm drains, on city roadways or in multiple pick areas on your property.
  • Do not place limbs or leaves near power poles, power lines, buildings or vehicles. * limbs must be 4ft in length or smaller. *
  • Ensure that there is no items considered illegal or bad for the environment in the tree limb pick up area. (IE: Paint, oil, tires, freon)
  • Contractors are NOT permitted to use the tree limb service for disposing items from remodeling or construction. These items will no longer be picked up by the limb trucks.
  • Please do not place furniture or appliances to be picked up. This is not the goal for the limb truck service.
  • Do not allow county residents to use this service on your property.


You may contact GFL if a dumpster is needed for estate cleaning, or you may contact Stone’s Throw Landfill for other options for disposal.


Thank you for helping to keep Tallassee on the right track and moving forward.


City of Tallassee