TALLASSEE – Tallassee Police Chief Matt Higgins has announced the promotion of two officers: Genifer Drinkard and Matthew Manning.

Higgins: “Since my appointment as Chief four and a half years ago, I have told the department that we needed to always move forward and work to improve. I have never believed the size of a department dictated the type of department you could be. If you think and act small, then you will always be small. We have done a lot of work over these past few years to get the right personnel and then get those personnel in the right places to make a difference.”

With that said, Higgins has modeled the Tallassee Police Department after larger departments. As a result, two officers who have shown leadership and dedication to the job are being rewarded for their efforts.

Lieutenant Drinkard will be promoted to Captain and will oversee Operations. Sergeant Manning will be promoted to Lieutenant and become the new Patrol Commander.

Captain Drinkard has more than 20 years in law enforcement and has worked in different aspects of the profession including patrol, community policing bureau, domestic violence, supervisor of special victims, special events and investigations.

Lieutenant Manning has 14 years in law enforcement and, just like Drinkard, has worked different aspects to include patrol, detective, robbery, homicide, auto theft unit, and patrol supervisor.

Higgins: “These two officers are an asset to the Tallassee Police Department, and I would like to say congratulations, I am proud of them. I believe they will both work hard to help guide the department as we look to the future.”